Argh. Computers confuse…

Argh. Computers confuse me. Recently someone wrote in and asked me about buying a copy of the Morningsong CD for a present. I was of course delighted, but realized that I'm out of covers for those. No problem, I think -- I've e-mailed Zak and asked him to send me the template, and I should be able to just go over to Kinko's and make up more. But in the meantime, it reminded me to do something I've wanted to do for a long time -- go over the entire CD order page and add the option of just downloading the files directly, since I assume a lot of people these days would be perfectly happy to just have the files, and don't need to pay extra for the super-special signed, limited-edition CD. Seems like a good idea, right? Makes life better for all?

So I think I did a decent job of getting the files up there and re-doing the page to make the ordering simpler and clearer (and if any of you have some spare time at the office (and headphones :-) and would like to spot-check the files for me, I'd appreciate that. But what I can't figure out (despite both Kevin and Jed trying to explain it to me) is how to let people just download an entire folder full of an entire CD's files, rather than having to download each file separately. So if someone (or many someones) could just explain this to me again, slowly and patiently, I would really appreciate it.

I tried using Gzip to compress the folders, but it just compresses each separate file, and I don't see how that helps me make a folder that people can download. :-( I don't have StuffIt (only the free Expander). Jed said something about a ftp option, but I didn't really follow it. Help?

(On the plus side, and entirely unrelated, Steve tells me that he's made back his expenses on my cookbook, so he's actually making a profit now on every cookbook sale. Yay! I get a nice cut, so some of those profits will eventually (semi-annually) make their way to me...)

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  1. Last I recall, Apple typically throws in the full deluxe package (including DropStuff) in their standard system installation. If you have your installation disks handy, you could nose around in them until you find the installers.

  2. Pair’s page confused me, but I did look, Jedediah. But the MacZipIt option worked, yay! So we’ll go with that for now, and I’ve tested it, and I think it all works fine. Good.

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