Lots of little tasks…

Lots of little tasks today. Finally managed to get the covers for my cookbook and the SH book up on Amazon. It makes me happy, having pictures there. And big thanks to those of you who posted those lovely positive reviews! It's my only book with a five-star rating; I don't know if that'll last, but for the moment, it's so very fabulous.

Oh, for those tracking the whole diet thing, lost a pound last week. Which is better than the half-pound of each of the previous weeks, but it still feels like the slowest weight loss in the world. :-( It's not, I know. If I can actually lose a pound a week, I'll be very happy in a few months. Just not quite yet...

2 thoughts on “Lots of little tasks…”

  1. When I started my concerted effort to get in better shape, I heard that a pound a week was a good pace to shoot for, although I don’t remember now if I got that from my doctor, or friends, or quack diet web sites, or what. :^)

    Still, slow and steady seems a lot more likely to me to stick than a sudden drop.

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