I’m going up to Karen’s…

I'm going up to Karen's today (don't worry, I'm not going to try to drive in the snow, I'm taking the bus), will be there through Sunday. My bus is at 4:45, so there's still plenty of time to get lots of work done today, if I focus. I spent the last hour catching up on Foundation stuff -- we're almost ready to announce the Small Press Co-operative, which is pleasing. A good thing, without a lot of effort on our part. And we have four of our five jurors for the Fountain Award -- just need to nail down the last one and then we can announce those too. Oh, and I found a good bank for us -- one which will give us $300 just for opening a business account. And it's on the way to my gym. :-)

I spent most of yesterday recreating the Silence and the Word manuscript. I had the TOC, so it was mostly cutting and pasting and reformatting and making the headers do what I wanted them to do (I had to wrestle MS Word into submission, but I triumphed in the end), and then writing story notes. I ended up writing five pages of notes! Hopefully people will actually enjoy them. The book's almost ready to go; I need to write an introduction, try to track down one missing poem, decide on whether to include a few pieces (i.e., do I include "Under the Skin", wait to hear from the contest, or try to publish it elsewhere first?). Oh, and write the acknowledgements and dedication. And send it out to the readers' group begging for proofreading. I'm not going to try to work on it today -- too much other little stuff piled up, and I'm still entertaining some hopes of revising "Bodies in Motion" at some point today. But it's nice to have it so close to finished. One more thing recovered from the crash. Slowly, I get my life back.

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  1. Shannon, I think it’s CharterOne? The new branch is at Jackson and…umm…whatever’s just east of the 94. 🙂

    It’s free checking up to 1000 transactions a month (deposits count as transactions). You have to order your checks through them, which is $55, but it’s a nice big checkbook, the ring binder kind, with stubs and such. So it’s more like they’re giving you $245. 🙂

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