Yesterday was a hard…

Yesterday was a hard dieting day. I was basically hungry for the last hour before bedtime, and it made it hard to think about anything other than food. Admittedly, I probably made it harder on myself by watching Emeril make the most delectable things, heightened by all the intervening commercials about the Food Network's chocolate temptation week. I was wanting chocolate very badly. Kevin patiently listened to my pathetic complaints and acted as supplementary willpower when my own was failing. He brought me salted celery and told me that I was mistaken -- that I wasn't hungry, I was actually sleepy. That wasn't true, but the celery helped fill my grumbling stomach for a bit. And I woke this morning to find a tupperware container full of mini-muffins, and labelled "chocolate mini muffins, 125 calories each". I love Kevin.

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