I’ve had a tough time…

I've had a tough time motivating to work the last few days; not sure why. I've done a few hours of e-mail stuff, mostly for the Foundation, but otherwise, nada. Finished Molly Gloss's Outside the Gates, very satisfying YA. Finished Tad Williams's War of the Flowers, which was engrossing most of the way through, but lacked a certain...punch?...to the ending. Still enjoyed it, though. Watched a lot of tv. Made a little art (photos soon -- not quite done yet). So far actually stuck to diet/exercise for this week -- it's the first week I haven't gone over by 400-500 calories. But the week's not over yet; still today and tomorrow to get through.

I'm not too worried, though, since the main reason I go over is when I go out to eat, and we don't have any of that planned for a bit. Kevin was talking about maybe going to Arun's for Valentine's Day, and it sounds so yummy, but I just don't know how I can do it. Even if I didn't eat anything else that day, I bet that twelve-course meal would be more than the 1300 calories I'm allowed on an exercise day. :-( (Besides which, I'm not entirely sure we can afford it right now; Kevin forgot about property taxes coming due, and we have that unexpected $500 deductible from the car crash so finances are slightly pinched at the moment).

I'm feeling a little more inclined to work today, so we'll see if I can just put my head down and bull through. I need to go to the gym and do weights on my own (for the first time) at some point, but otherwise, hopefully I can just work. Work work work. I've got The Devil Went Down to Georgia playing in the background; it's oddly motivating.

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