Argh. I am failing to…

Argh. I am failing to write today. So be it. I will be relaxed and domestic instead. I started reading Tad Williams new novel, The War of the Flowers and am entirely drawn in. I did put it down for long enough to go to the grocery store; we were running quite low. When you're out of chicken stock, you're in trouble -- or at least you are in our household. :-) I also picked up some pots of flowers -- they were selling little 4 in pots of tulips, hyacinth, and hibiscus for $2 each, so how could I resist? None of them are in bloom yet, but I've repotted them in clay and they're cheerfully waiting on my windowsill, fresh and green. Flowers soon. And I also picked up a few tall stalks of forsythia, tiny cheerful yellow blossoms on tall brown branches; they remind me of my parents' house in spring, which has a long row of forsythia bushes separating their yard from the neighbor's.

The apartment was getting grubby again, but the fresh flowers were motivation enough to get me to clear off some of the counters, and I might even finish the dishes and laundry today. If I can't make myself write, at least I can clean, so that I have a clean house to write in tomorrow. And when I give up on that, Tad will be waiting for me. :-)

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  1. Mmm… I miss forsythia. I’ve seen it outside of Connecticut — in California, even — but rarely, and it just doesn’t feel the same without all the evergreens nearby.

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