So I accomplished…

So I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday. I'm honestly not sure what I did all day. Puttered. There was a bit of art stuff. Watched lots of tv. Got into sulky bad moods. Slid out of them again. Spent some time on the phone with first Elissa and then Karina. I guess I just needed a day off.

Today isn't a day off. Today I have to get some writing done. There's one story left to draft, two major ones left to revise, and then several to look over again.

Tomorrow, I may end up actually going to CapriCon; I'm supposed to call someone today and ask if she can give me a ride. I sort of want to do that and get the plans settled, but it just seems rude to call anyone before 10 on a Saturday, even though there's a decent chance she's already up and either leaving or left for the convention. Sigh.

On the plus side, I got two interesting books yesterday -- that cookbook Meriko recommended, which is full of tasty-looking recipes (all with the calories already counted for you, hooray), and an early novel by Molly Gloss, which looks like a YA book. I hadn't realized that when I ordered it, but hey, I'm not complaining. I'm going to work later, I promise, but I don't want to work yet, and reading some of that sounds like a perfect way to start a Saturday.

Kevin made beer last night, for the first time in years. The whole apartment smells like...hops? I think that's what that smell is. Bearable, but a bit intense.

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