Okay, don’t laugh too…

Okay, don't laugh too hard, but I just found out that changing the font on my To Do list from a cramped serif font (don't remember which one) to the cheerful sans serif Chalkboard font, makes me noticeably less stressed when I look at the list. Goofy.

Having a hard time getting myself to actually work today, but I've send out a bunch of little e-mails, which is something. Oh, and finally did the dishes, also good, since they've been there since before we left for Ann Arbor. :-) I think cleaning the rest of the main room is coming up soon on the agenda -- I'm hoping that having a clean space will make me more inclined to work. Sometimes that helps.

I don't even particularly have a lot to do today -- just reassembling the two manuscripts (dissertation and Blowfish). There's a little anxiety there, that I'll discover there's masses of stuff missing. I suppose that's why I'm putting it off. But I really ought to get it done. I finally wrote to Christophe this morning and filled him in on the crash (another thing I'd been putting off) -- luckily, he was very understanding, and told me to take as much time as I needed to redo the work. Somehow, I keep expecting someone to be mad at me about all this -- the hard drive crash, the car accident. I don't know why -- some sense of residual guilt, that it somehow must have been my fault. And of course, not backing up was my fault, so I suppose that's appropriate. But nobody else has been mad at me at all; it's all me. I wish I had more control over the inner workings of my psyche.

Some good news has been coming my way, though. Although it makes me fret a little to be away from Kevin for so long, I've decided to go ahead and take the Kearny Street job, teaching a class in San Francisco on 'writing the sexual', covering everything from erotica to sexual memoir to including sex scenes in your literary novel. I need to come up with a good title and class description -- any title suggestions would be welcome! They're limiting class size to 12, so if you're interested in taking my class, you should keep a close eye on their website for the announcement in the next few weeks. It'll probably be Monday evenings in San Francisco, from 7-9:30 or so, from 7/5 - 8/23. I'm not sure what the cost will be, but somewhere in the $125-$150 range, I think. This should be a lot of fun, and with any luck will translate to similar gigs in the future. It's not a lot of money, but quite decent pay for the number of hours I'd be working, I think. (Hard to calculate up front, since there's class prep and student responses to write and such.)

I'm thinking I should try to set up some sort of class like that here in Chicago -- there must be interest. But there's all kinds of logistical issues to consider, like space and getting the word out and such. It'd be easier to affiliate with a local organization than to try to do it myself. Interesting to think about, though. Hmm...maybe I can talk the AAAC into doing it. That's the Asian American Arts Collective -- I went to their general meeting last night, and met a lot of interesting, talented people, doing good stuff. Slightly lacking on the organizational side, but perhaps that's typical of arts groups -- lots of creativity, little business sense. :-)

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