I’ve been asked to read…

I've been asked to read (and maybe teach a workshop) at the Guild Complex Women Writers' Workshop upcoming April 2nd. I'm not entirely sure they actually want me to read, since apparently they have a speculative fiction interest with their New Media theme, but I'd be happy to talk to the group about publishing online and such, so hopefully they'll decide they do still want me. It's nice to be asked, at any rate.

Other small news -- I've invited people over for potluck brunch this Sunday -- if you're in the Chicago area and not on my invite list, why not? Drop me a line and let me know to put you on it. (I realize hosting people may sound like a stressful activity and inappropriate for such a rough week, but a) it's potluck and b) I feel the need to see people and get back to my normal life. So there. :-)

And in the good news department, the iTunes music store people have agreed to let me re-download my purchased music, though they emphasize that a) I'm supposed to backup, b) this is purely a gesture of goodwill, and c) in the interests of fairness to others, they won't let me ever do this again. Fair enough. If I get it back this time, I'll be happy.

At this point, I really do just want to curl up under the covers for the rest of the day with my tv and my computer (hooray for technology), but I have an appointment with my personal trainer at 10:30, and while I do think I have a good excuse to cancel, I'm actually going to be virtuous and go in. So, up for a cup of tea and some light breakfast (mostly 'cause she gets mad if I don't eat breakfast), and then gym clothes and a walk through brutal cold to the gym. The weather report says it's 22 degrees but feels like 9. Chicago, eh. Not loving it today.

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  1. I have an appointment with my personal trainer at 10:30, and while I do think I have a good excuse to cancel, I’m actually going to be virtuous and go in

    Good for you! Exercise is a great way to work off stress, too, so hopefully you’ll feel better AND virtuous after you work out!

    Thanks for posting so much about exercise, btw! It totally motivates me on those days when I just want to go straight home and sit on the couch instead of taking BART up to the YMCA in Berkeley.

  2. Heh. I actually felt really sick afterwards, but still very virtuous. A bunch of water helped with the sick part. Oh, I am so very out of shape.

    She wants me to only take one rest day this week, before I see her again, so I can catch up a little from the vagaries of travel and no-exercise and eating a little too much. I didn’t actually gain weight (probably because I was quite virtuous early last week), but I only lost a half-pound, which is a little frustrating. But I’m not going out of town again for many weeks, so hopefully I can set up a good workout schedule / eating habits and stick to ’em now.

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