I feel like a hobbit. …

I feel like a hobbit. Oh, I always feel a little like a hobbit, being so short, but even more than usual with the way I'm trying to eat today. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, mid-day meal, to be followed by dinner and then supper. And okay, they're all pretty small meals, but still. :-)

Calories So Far, Just Because I'm Being Compulsive Today

  • breakfast: half a banana with tea: roughly 105
  • second breakfast: half a banana with tea and a slice of toast: roughly 160
  • lunch: one c. spinach and arugula salad, with mango dressing - 30
  • mid-day meal: one c. fresh spinach/cheese/black pepper ravioli with 1/2 T butter - 330
In theory, I'm supposed to keep the amounts more even, if possible -- she had a long explanation about the pancreas and glucose and how much glucose can be metabolized at one go and how much gets stored, which to be honest, I didn't entirely follow. But I think this is reasonably good -- certainly better than not eating all morning and then having a big meal at lunch (big meals apparently also put a strain on your poor pancreas, leading to increased risk for diabetes).

It felt like a lot of food, especially the pasta with butter, but I'm only up to 625 (if I did the math right), which leaves me 675 to divide betwee the remaining two small meals of dinner and supper, since today's a workout day. Fascinating, and strange. I'm wondering whether it's going to be hard to eat less on the days when I don't work out, to go back and forth between 1300 and 1000. Hmmm...

I don't want to, or plan to, be calorie counting for the rest of my life -- but for now, it's actually sort of interesting. :-)

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  1. You might wanna check out Fit Day which has a nice food journal thingy to keep track of nutrients and calories, and it’s free, free, FREE!!1!!1!one!!

    Pretty useful. 🙂

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