Okay, so I know that…

Okay, so I know that black tea with caffeine is a diuretic and doesn't count towards my 70 oz. of water a day. Sadness. But what about herbal peppermint tea? Honey ginseng green tea? (It doesn't say anything on the package about whether it has caffeine or not.)

2 thoughts on “Okay, so I know that…”

  1. Peppermint tea, and many other kinds of herbal teas are caffeine free. Not sure about the honey ginseng green tea – does it have actual tea leaves in it?

    The best way I found to increase my water intake was to fill a large-ish sports bottle with water first thing in the morning, and keep it on my desk next to my computer, and just sip from it while I worked. When it got empty, I’d refill it. I usually managed to drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water a day that way, without really noticing.

    Water’s okay and all, but it’s really not a patch on a nice cup of tea, is it?

  2. All I know is how weight watchers does it–they say that your water intake has to be just water. (plain tea is zero points, so basically free for people on weight watchers, but it still doesn’t count towards your water.) Since the WW stuff seems at times to run orthogonal to plans that involve calorie-counting, I’m not sure how this translates for you.

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