The cookbook is…

The cookbook is ready! I haven't seen it yet, but Steve says it is very cute. Small (at only a 100-ish pages, 6x9), but cute. A great stocking stuffer! And because it's so small, we've dropped the price to $10, plus shipping. What a deal! My very first cookbook, with oh, so many delectable recipes from Sri Lanka (and my kitchen). Did I mention the adorable illustrations by noted comic artist, Rachel Hartman? A unique gift! How can you resist?

Sadly, it'll be a few weeks before its listings are up and running on Amazon and B& -- at that point, people will be able to buy it with a credit card. But if you're willing to write a check and want to get it before Christmas, you can buy it directly from Steve at Lethe. Just drop him a note at, and let him know:

a) how many copies you want
b) where you want them shipped
c) what kind of shipping you want:

  • priority mail (1-2 days, priciest)
  • UPS ground (3-6 days, less pricey)
  • regular mail @ book rate (they claim 6 days, but no guarantees), cheap)

Steve'll tell you how much your total is, and then you send him a check, and he'll ship the books out as soon as he receives your payment:

Lethe Press
102 Heritage Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

If you really can't do the check thing, send me an e-mail and we'll try to come up with a workaround. Yay! I can't quite believe it's really done!

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