I got my first Christmas…

I got my first Christmas present yesterday, a gorgeous set of grey wool scarf, gloves, and hat from journal-reader Jim, through Novica (which now lets you order through Amazon, very convenient, though I recommend starting at the main Novica site for far more detail on the work). Beautiful and practical -- I had neither gloves nor hat, and though it hasn't been quite cold enough to need them yet, it will be when I get back. Thank you Jim -- and now that I'm writing this, I'm suddenly feeling like I may not have thanked you for my birthday present, so just in case I was so appallingly rude, thank you for the Thai necklace as well. It's lovely.

Today's a bit hectic, with getting ready to leave for the Bay Area. I'll be staying with David for a week, then down to Jed's, then Kev's folks for actual Christmas, then San Diego for MLA, then back to Jed's until January 6th. A long haul! I didn't realize quite how long it would be when I booked the tickets; I'm going to miss my little apartment. (I'll miss Kev too, but I'll see him in the middle for a few days at least). A flurry of things still to get done -- I' mostly packed, but there are some tasks to finish before leaving town, if at all possible. So I'd best go do them.

One thought on “I got my first Christmas…”

  1. Mary Anne, I’m glad you like them, I was worried the woolens wouldn’t make it there by the time you had to leave. I got your card today and I thought the letter was v. appropriate.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours,


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