A few days ago, my Yahoo…

A few days ago, my Yahoo account started marking mail I sent from my main account as spam -- Dan just reported that his Yahoo account thinks I'm spam too. I'm spam! I'm soft and pink and mushy and I really don't curry well. Yick. Anyone know how I fix this?

2 thoughts on “A few days ago, my Yahoo…”

  1. Yahoo’s internal spam filtering is haywire. They also mark mail from all Yahoo groups as spam, which seems a little bizarre since 1) it’s presumably internal to them, another branch of the same behemoth and 2) the groups are always opt-in.

  2. Apparently, some AOL users in my YahooGroup (as well as some members of the group) have been getting their posts dumped by Yahoo’s filters, too. One cause is when the Precedence: header of the received message is set to “bulk”. Other unusual headers seem to make Yahoo go silly, too.

    Try shutting down Yahoo’s SpamGuard for a *short* period of time, send in a message from your main account, and look at the full headers of the received message. There’s likely to be a culprit in there.


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