Well, here’s a sad piece…

Well, here's a sad piece of news. AWP, the conference for the affiliated writing programs, is 3/24-3/28 this year -- which is, of course, the same time as ICFA. Usually they're a week apart, so I don't know what happened. I pretty much have to go to AWP, since I may interview for creative writing jobs there. And it turns out to be in Chicago, so that saves a lot of cash -- doubly so, since I won't have the ICFA expenses. But I had to back out of chairing a panel for Farah at ICFA, which I agreed to do a few days ago. Frustrating. And I won't get to see the SF people until WisCon, which not all of them will make it to. Grump. Grumble.

On the plus side, if any of y'all also write literary fiction and are planning to come to AWP (it's where lots of the small press magazines have tables in the dealer's room, so you get to talk to the editors -- magazines like Kenyon Review and Black Warrior and Tin House and such), I may be able to put you up here, if you speak up quick. And bring your own sleeping bag. And even if I can't put you up (or you'd rather be in a nice, soft, hotel bed), I'll probably do at least one big group dinner from my grad student friends who'll be in town, and I'd be delighted to feed some of you too. Let me know if interested.

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