I’ve somehow (yet again)…

I've somehow (yet again) managed to get myself into the position where I wake up a little tense and stressed because I have too many projects partway finished and they're all clamoring for attention. Today will be devoted to finishing projects. This is not a bad thing. They are:

a) finish party favors/xmas gifts for cookbook shindig
b) finish re-reading Skin Folk, re-read Brown Girl in the Ring, read The Salt Roads -- continue taking notes as I go, send Nalo questions
c) finish editing Blowfish
d) do one last sweep for academic jobs and send those apps out
e) finish cleaning apartment (somehow I ended up stopping a few days ago with a massive pile of dust and crud in a corner -- oh right, it's because the trash needs to be taken out, and there's no room in it at the moment)

There is actually no reason why I can't get those five tasks done today -- I read fast, many of them are more than half done already, and I will be oh, so relieved if I can just cross them off the list. Focus. Besides, maybe if I'm working hard, I won't snack. (Three pounds gained over Thanksgiving that I'd like to lose in the next week. We'll see.)

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