Steve asked me to…

Steve asked me to sign and send along some bookplates, so that he could include them with any copies of the cookbook (making autographed copies, which I hear people like). I looked at Borders and PaperSource, but I couldn't buy bookplates in any reasonable bulk for any reasonable price -- and the designs didn't thrill me. But I am Ms. Handy these days.

So I bought some unlined label paper and made my own bookplates, with my little craft knife and my cutting mat. :-) Took about an hour to design, print, and cut, was fun, and now I have fifty custom bookplates (3 in x 2 in) to send Steve, for about a fifth the cost of buying ready-made ones. And I can crank out more whenever he needs them. Please to imagine my adorable signature in the white space.

We're having major design issues with the book cover and the printer, but I'm still hoping we can have the cookbooks ready in time for Christmas ordering and delivery. Watch this journal for more details in the next day or two. Soon, soon, I promise.

I also promise that the delay is driving me much more crazy than it is any of you. :-)

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