5 thoughts on “Day after…”

  1. Yah, it was that kind of day — irresistible. Thanksgiving itself was sunny and bright and cheerful, pretty perfect for its purpose (and nothing like what the forecast claimed). But personally, I like this weather a lot better. The air was incredibly rich and surprisingly warm, very spring-like.

    I could’ve sat by that pond for a long long time, but after twenty minutes or so, Kevin started complaining that the wet had soaked through his jeans, and his underwear, and that his poor ass was starting to get cold. Wimp.

  2. That’s not the first time I’ve seen Thanksgiving in Connecticut – my father moved from Chicago to Stamford while I was at ISU around 1981, and has since moved to Southbury (I’ve not seen that house yet). And “fog” is “Connecticut Fall”‘s middle name! However, I believe that is the first time we’ve seen a photo of Kev, unless I’m mistaken.


  3. Is it really, Raven? I’m sure there’s some other photo of him in these pages somewhere (of course, this site has gotten so extensive that you could wander a long, long time looking for such a thing). It’s true that he’s extremely camera-shy — I think it was only because he knew I was all tense and stressed about the him/parents/Thanksgiving thing (even a day after Thanksgiving) that had him being so indulgent with the photography. 🙂

    You can tell that’s an indulgent smile on his face, can’t you?

  4. If there’s another picture if Kevin on the site, it sure is hard to find, and while I do hop around on it a bit, I couldn’t be compared to a Web Stalker, either… 😉 You *have* mentioned not just how camera-shy he is, but also more than a little reticent in general.

    And yes, there’s a sense of indulgence toward the camera. He’ll live – he may even get (gasp) some immunity to it, perish the thought!…

    Raven (getting far too silly at this hour)

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