I feel thoroughly…

I feel thoroughly virtuous -- Farah had asked me some time ago to be a referree for Foundation and I said yes, and I've had it on my c.v., but now that I've actually read a paper for her and written up a report and sent it off, I feel much more comfortable about having it listed on my c.v. It's sort of like why I don't call myself a TOR editor yet -- I'm only a TOR editor in potentia. Glad to have one more area where that's no longer the case. :-)

It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected -- when I first started reading the essay, I felt totally intimidated, but as I went on, I found that I actually did know all the big words she was throwing around ("post-lapsarian", for example), and I'd actually read all the essays she referenced, and once I put myself back in teacher-head, thinking of her as one of my students, I could actually critique the essay in terms of argument, evidence, and structure.

I really do know how to do this. Bewildering. When did that happen?

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