After eighteen…

After eighteen rejections, I've just sold a story, "A Gentle Man", to Harpur Palate! I think this counts as my first literary magazine sale, so yay!

I admit, I'm fretting a little bit because I know they also publish genre stuff and hang out in the Rumor Mill and I'm hoping the fiction editors don't have any idea who I am and just published the story 'cause they thought it had some kind of literary merit. But hey, I'll take the sale regardless.

Of course, we're using 'sale' very loosely here, since I think they pay in copies. :-) Copies and prestige, the currency of academia...

7 thoughts on “After eighteen…”

  1. Huge congrats Mary Anne! I’ve made the cross-over to literary fiction myself just a few short months ago, although so far I’ve only sold a poem to a “literary” magazine, but I have a bunch of stuff out there.

  2. No, actually — it’s “A Gentle Man” — Happy wanted a rewrite on “Monsoon Day”.

    Thanks for the nice words, all! 🙂

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