Good morning, munchkins….

Good morning, munchkins. It's a reasonably good morning, despite my being still somewhat sick. I don't feel exhausted and wobbly anymore -- now it's just your standard head cold, with sniffling and sinus-aches and such. One can cope with such things. One can even work through them.

I'm planning on working here this morning -- I have an article to referee for Foundation -- that means I read it and give Farah my assessment of whether they should publish it, along with a written explanation of why. After that, it's all Blowfish editing -- I don't know how much of that I can get done before I leave town tomorrow afternoon, but the more the better, given that e-mail access will be skimpy for the next week. I'm flying into Hartford tomorrow, will be mostly at my parents' until next Saturday, with a quick trip into New York Monday evening to speak to a writers' group -- they're paying me an honorarium -- cool, no? I need to figure out what I want to say to them.

So, expect minimal journalling for the next week. And wish me luck -- Kevin's coming out on Wednesday to join me at my parents -- his first Thanksgiving with my family. Eep.

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