Booked my flights –…

Booked my flights -- I'll be in the Bay Area from 12/11 - 1/6, with a few days down in San Diego for MLA between Christmas and New Year's. Just FYI.

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  1. We’ll miss each other by two days; I leave the Bay area on Dec. 10, finally going home after my tour. Ah, but we’ll always have Chicago!

  2. Which Joanna is this? I can’t tell from the e-mail, and can’t remember who I know in San Diego.

    I’d love to do one group dinner, hopefully with Zak and Jenn and whomever else I know in the area. I’m not entirely sure how tight the schedule with be at MLA though. Will hopefully figure it out soon…

  3. This is the Joanna who was in Chicago until her recent move to Utah. 🙂 (You’d probably recognize my uchicago email, but they’ll be taking it away from me at some point, so…)

  4. Ah, right! 🙂 Can you do me a big favor? Could you possibly e-mail me a little pre-Christmas (after the 23rd) and remind me that you and others live in San Diego? I should be really to plan something by then.

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