M’ris was talking in her…

M'ris was talking in her journal about a year ago today, and two years ago today -- so I got curious, and looked. A year ago today, I was living here with Kevin, and it all sounds just like now if you glance at the journal entries. But I remember how very wobbly and unclear it all was -- that conversation I refer to, with Karina? I'm pretty sure I spent most of it fretting about unclear relationship stuff. And two years ago today -- well, there you can see that I was just sad. Hard to make it through the day sad. And trapped in Salt Lake City, even if I did have Carol to go to movies with.

It astonishes me sometimes, how good my life is.

2 thoughts on “M’ris was talking in her…”

  1. Heh. I think you’re the only one who has that mug — at some point, I should make some more, or some different ones. I do have that store set up…

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