Oh, the day has gone…

Oh, the day has gone slower than I intended. Still haven't gotten to the Blowfish stories -- but the day's not over yet. And it's been a pleasant day -- woke up to pouring rain, and Kevin made us apple French toast. Worked for a few hours, and then I made tomato soup, thick and rich, with grilled cheese sandwiches. Around 3, we took a short break to watch some West Wing, and then went back to work. I've now finished reading the TOR chapters -- I need to e-mail responses to the authors, then start the Blowfish work. Around 7, I'll make some chicken and potato curry for dinner -- we'll eat that with rice while watching Frasier. Then a few more hours of work, and bed around midnight.

Usually, we try to trade off use of the apartment, so we can focus better on working, but every once in a while, it's rather nice to work here together. Especially on a cool, rainy November day. With tomato soup. :-)

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