Still some stuff to…

Still some stuff to finish up for the workshop -- mostly cooking. :-) We take care of most of the workshop food there, but I usually do a curry dinner the last night, so today I'll go to the store, get ingredients, and do a whole mess of cooking. Nine workshop members plus Jed plus me plus Jay plus two guests I think is fourteen. Cooking for fourteen is not a problem. Cooking for twenty is not a problem. Much beyond twenty, and I start needing soux chefs to help chop onions before hands fall off. :-)

I do wish I weren't so groggy. Went to bed at 11-ish, but woke up at 4 for no good reason. And it's not as if I got up and was productive, oh no, I lay in bed trying to fall asleep again until just now. Sigh. At least Kevin came to bed around 5 (he's on a weird schedule again) so I got some good cuddling time before having to get up. It helps.

Starting to feel overwhelmed with Stuff To Do. Maybe a list will help:

  • finish workshop prep
  • go to grocery store, cook
  • pack tonight
  • go to workshop, Friday - Monday
  • do WorldCon prep (not much)
  • re-read various Tam Lin retellings (possibly on planes) and decide if writing a paper for Farah and ICFA; if so, write up proposal and send to her (this connects to my YA novel in weird way, so it's not as totally out of the blue as it sounds, and I could definitely use more academic credits)
  • talk to Francois next week or week after; decide which stories are most likely to get published from current dissertation; work on them and send them out because I need literary publishing credits)
  • send out some early responses to Blowfish subs so those who submitted early get to try again
  • finish reading Blowfish subs by 9/15
  • send out acceptances, rejections, any revision requests
  • edit subs, send manuscript to Christophe, keep pestering him for my check if necessary
  • help Paul put together conference proceedings CD
  • finish paperwork on SH book with Lethe
  • start writing SH newsletters weekly or find someone else to do so
  • write editorial for third SH anniversary
  • write editorial for Emerald City, as requested
  • reread and write review of Sector General books for SH
  • do prep for going on limited job market this fall: get letters of rec from professors, start file in career center, get on AWP job list, start checking out MLA job list, keep eyes peeled for jobs in Chicago, hope for interviews in San Diego over Christmas
  • keep working on dissertation
  • keep working on YA novel
  • finish Silence and the Word book with Zak
  • find some other way to earn some money
That'll do for now.

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  1. Sharon and I can prolly put you up if you’ve got interviews in San Diego — though it’d depend on where how convenient it’d be, as we’re about 30 minutes north of the city (which can magically expand to over an hour depending on traffic).

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