3 thoughts on “Stonehenge …”

  1. My mom went to England when she was pregnant with me. Back then, (in 1972), you could walk right up and touch the stones, which she did. Back in my pagan days, this gave me some good pagan cred, believe it or not. Men especially would narrow their eyes and smile and say, “oh, well, that explains a lot.”


  2. Aha, that does explain a lot!

    It’s weird seeing those stones reduced to 300×400 pixels. Wot we’ve got is a Stonehenge that’s in danger of being trampled by a dwarf…

  3. (This hardly merits being posted outside of parentheses, but, tangental to Karen’s comment, I can’t be the only person who couldn’t stop thinking of Spinal Tap while waiting for the page to load…)

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