It’s very hard to keep…

It's very hard to keep working when "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" pops up on iTunes -- all I want to do is get up and dance.

Spent a while talking to Jed on iSight this morning; I am a Mac geek! Very pleasurable; I love being able to see him laugh from hundreds of miles away. Even if it is a little jaggy. :-)

Not making so much progress on work yet. Some e-mails, did dishes, but mostly finished reading Jonathan Carroll's White Apples. I liked it, but somehow I don't think I've liked any of his books as much as The Marriage of Sticks. Possibly just because I read it first? There is a certain similarity to his books, I must admit.

Also ended up writing a couple long letters to David this morning. We were talking yesterday and the subject of our long correspondence back in Philly came up -- I lost all those letters in a hard drive crash, but he had some, and sent them to me. So I spent some time last night and this morning reading them. It's surreal, reading old correspondence. So many details I didn't remember, or remembered wrong. And some things I was so certain of in '96, when I was 25; it shocks me a little, seeing how different my attitude has become. It's odd -- mostly I feel congruent with my younger self; I feel like I haven't changed radically since I was, oh, sixteen or so. Just become more me, if that makes sense. And yet these letters make clear that that isn't true -- that some of my fundamental attitudes, about love and relationships primarily, have changed quite a bit in just seven years.

It's disturbing, is what it is.

2 thoughts on “It’s very hard to keep…”

  1. Ah ah ah, Mary Anne! No fair, that you leave a comment like that hanging out there! 🙂 Seriously, how HAVE your thoughts about love and relationships changed? Obviously I’m not looking for excessively personal details…

  2. Complicated, Chip. Mostly having to do with fairly subtle personal distinctions that would take many pages to explain properly, I’m afraid, and which I don’t have the energy to do right now. But the general gist is that I’m less of an absolutist than I was back then.

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