Morning, munchkins…

Morning, munchkins (though it's actually late afternoon for me already, astonishingly, because Kevin and I were very slow leaving the apartment today and didn't actually even wake up 'til after eleven, so maybe it actually is morning for you, rather than being the middle of the night as it normally has been when it's morning for me here). Just finished daily e-mail check, and now off to a coffeeshop for food and then settling in to revise. I think "Pieces of the Heart" today -- I'm working backwards through the set, trying to get most of the first half of the dissertation actually nailed down, somewhat.

Makes me a bit nervous trying to do it when I don't know what Katie/Francois think of the last draft, but I can't just goof around here forever. And even if all these stories don't make it into the dissertation, that doesn't mean I can't write them and send them out and publish them, right? So, ruthless revising. If I can finish the first half before I leave Zurich, I'll be well pleased. So that's "Pieces" and "Lakshmi's Diary" and "Bodies in Motion." We'll see. I'm not sure how close those three are to done, and actually, there's one more in that set that I haven't even written, something from Shefali's viewpoint (you may know her from "And Baby Makes Four", or the much re-written and then abandoned "Challah"); she's a cousin to Chaya and Savitha, for those of you who are managing to keep these stories straight. And oh, I suppose I would need to rewrite "Savitha" too, but that one feels only half-done, so it isn't likely to happen soon. Okay, so there's more to do than I want to admit, but we'll settle for "Pieces" today and worry about the rest later.

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