Revised and sent out…

Revised and sent out "Other Cities" (no relation to Ben Rosenbaum's "Other Cities, and might not stick with that title, but haven't come up with a better one yet) to the reader's group. Am feeling in desperate need of decent crit, or rather, a sanity check on these stories before I get back to the U.S. and start sending them out to lit mags. I really need 1-3 lit mag sales before I go on the academic job market, so they don't just assume that all I can do is erotica. (And so I don't assume that either.) If you're not on the readmohanraj list (exceedingly low volume) and are willing to give me sanity checks on these stories, on whether they're comprehensible and potentially ready to send out to markets, please let me know.

It's a long, slow process, the lit mag marketing, and I only have three stories making the rounds right now ("Monsoon Day", "A Gentle Man", and "Tightness in the Chest"). I need to at least double that, and ideally triple that soonest, and I do have several dissertation stories in near-finished states, so I really ought to be able to get off my ass and finish these and send them out. But I'm afraid that working in a dizzy frenzy, I'll think pieces are ready that aren't, and I'd hate to burn a good story in my mad rush. So, help? No detailed crits required, just needing something along the lines of "this seems finished" or "this is totally incomprehensible" or "this is somewhere in between". Though detailed crits are also always welcome.

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