Okay, so you know how I…

Okay, so you know how I said that I was just going to worry about revising "Pieces of the Heart" today? Well, I did that, and then I was looking over the list and forgotten another story I'd meant to write, from the point of view of one of Shefali's parents, either Latika and Arjun. And I started thinking about what might have made Shefali turn out the way she did, and I realized that a story I wrote for my MFA thesis, "The Light at Dawn", might actually work as Shefali backstory, explaining why she's bitter about men, and so cautious with Roshan and Gabriel. So I tentatively slotted that in, subject to revisiting and revision. And then I started thinking about her family, and how she might have gotten into the trouble in "The Light at Dawn" in the first place. And I've been reading A.S.Byatt's Still Life, and I admit, there's a bit in there that was just so vivid, that it sort of demanded a story of its own, and somehow it all fit together so nicely, and well, I ended up writing a new story today, from Arjun's point of view, "Acts of Faith". And it's still too new for me to tell if it's any good, so both "Pieces" and "Acts are out to the readers' list, and now I just need to revise "Light", and then I might feel as if I've actually done something real this week. We'll see. Right now, happy, but very tired.

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