Hey, munchkins. So I…

Hey, munchkins. So I realized that I should make a quick birthday note, to clarify some aspects of my birthday. It goes thusly, this year. My actual birthday is July 26th. I will be 32. Woohoo! I will also be in Zurich at that point (double woohoo!), leaving the U.S. on July 24th. This means that if you're planning to send me an actual package, you should either, a) send it immediately, so I get it before my birthday and open it accordingly, or b) wait weeks and weeks, until I return to the country (August 15th). Earlier is better, but only because I get impatient and excited about potential presents. :-) I also get excited about snail mail cards and e-mail cards, so do feel free to send those along as well. And if you need me snail mail address, drop me a line and ask, please.

The only other factor of interest is that I'm having a birthday party tomorrow, which I know, is far in advance of my actual birthday. Almost two weeks early, in fact. But I wanted Sharmi to be able to come, and she's out of town on the weekend of the 20th. So there you go. Besides, Jed already gave me my birthday present, so it's not my fault if things are starting a bit early this year. :-) (Whose fault it really is that Jed gave me my present so early? We won't discuss that...)

As usual, Amazon has my updated wish list -- and bopping over there, I see that they've hidden stuff on it from me! Which means, yay!, someone has been buying me presents! Gosh, this kind of stuff always makes me feel like I'm about two years old. :-) Anyway, if you go there and do a wish list search for my name, it should pop right up.

This has been your duly-scheduled Mary Anne-birthday announcement. Expect the next announcement in a year or so. :-)

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