So I have to admit, I…

So I have to admit, I was a little nervous about dinner with Kevin's parents. See, I don't think I've ever seen them without Kevin around. And they are incredibly nice people, and very polite and friendly -- so much so that if they didn't like you, you would never know it. So I've always wondered a little bit, if they really liked me. So even though they always say that I should give them a call when I'm in the area, I never have. But this time, I did. I dropped them a line a few days ago, and said I was in town and asked if they were free Thursday or Friday, and yes, they were free on Friday for dinner and would like to see me, very much. And I spent way too much time trying to decide what to wear today (attractive, yet respectable -- I went with a slightly hippie-ish white button down tank top, and a long button-down brown skirt, printed with tiny light brown flowers, plus white sandals). And I did my hair like three times. Because you know, you want your sweetie's parents to like you, and to be reasonably content with the girl their beloved only son chooses to spend his time with.

And, well, it was just a wonderful dinner. We chatted a little about my work, and a little about theirs, but mostly, we talked about Kevin, in the way that only three people who love a fourth very much can (or would want to :-). We talked about things we liked about him, and things we didn't understand about him, and even though it all made me miss him more, it also made me feel closer to him. Funny, that. I also caught them up a bit on the whole where-Kevin-and-I-stand story, which is a complex one at the best of times, and Kevin has a tendency to not tell his parents much, even though he loves and likes them lots. A privacy thing. (And I admit, I'm now a little nervous that he might mind my telling them stuff, but the die is cast, and I think it was worth it even if he is annoyed.)

So here's to overcoming nervousness, and reaching out to people, and letting them know that you like them and would like to get to know them better. It can be scary, but it seems that sometimes, you get rewarded. I'm feeling all bubbly right now with familial goodness. :-)

And I think maybe they do actually like me. They did say so a few times, which helped.

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  1. Quick update — talked to Kevin this morning and asked if he minded at all and he replied in bewilderment that it was fine, and why would it bother him? Clearly, I fret too much.

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