Eeps — sorry,…

Eeps -- sorry, munchkins. Didn't realize it had been five days. Brief recap -- had absolutlely lovely birthday party at Lake Merritt on Sunday, with sailing beforehand with Sharmi and Jed and Ryan. Followed by many friends and much good food and utterly delectable cake (provided by Jed, from some very skilled bakery on the peninsula). Two kinds! I just finished the last of the strawberry white cake yesterday; the chocolate was too rich and dense for me to have more than a bite or two of, so we sent it home with Jed.

Monday, I mostly finished reading Rumors of Spring (very pleasant summer read) and watched David play Stronghold, which I'd brought for him. Tuesday, he gave me Civ III, so I played that while he played his game. Wednesday morning, ditto -- by Wednesday afternoon I needed a break, so actually revised YA novel so far and wrote a few thousand words more. I have mostly stayed in my nightgown for the last three days. Now this, this has been a vacation. :-)

This morning, I'm dealing with a whole bunch of piled up e-mail, then I hope to actually do some more writing, off and on, along with some cooking. Sharmi is coming by for Scrabble around 4, and dinner around 5-ish. We're eating early because she needs to be up early tomorrow. Curry! Yum. Oh, and Kat's coming by to sketch me, hopefully for one of her Coffee People series, which is way cool. Tomorrow, dinner with David and Debbie Notkin, fun. Saturday, helping Tim and Heather move into their new place. Sunday, back to Chicago.

And that's really all the news around here. Hope y'all are having a good week.

bonus: little video of Sharmi and Ryan posing, waiting for me to take a photo, not realizing that I'm recording them (15.7 MB)

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  1. In case anyone’s curious, the “very skilled bakery on the peninsula” is the Prolific Oven, generally considered the best bakery/dessert place in Palo Alto and perhaps on the whole peninsula. (For non-locals, “the peninsula” means, more or less, everything between San Francisco and San Jose.) I personally prefer Just Desserts (what can I say, I’m a rebel), but they closed their Palo Alto store a few years back, and San Francisco is too far to go for cake, and ProlO is certainly good.

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