The cops found my car! …

The cops found my car! Hooray for the Chicago police! It was at 71st and Talman (about a twenty-minute drive from my place), and full of all kinds of junk. Clothes and a broom and their music (mine is sadly gone) and suitcases and jumper cables (which I'm keeping) -- it was as if they'd moved in there. A broken window in back and some other minor damage; hopefully my insurance will cover that. Oh, such a weird experience, but I'm happy to have it back!

3 thoughts on “The cops found my car! …”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you got it back! When our car was stolen, it was found, but it had been horrifically abused. Every panel of the body had been scratched and dented, all the windows were broken out, the seat was stained from a rusted wheel well being left on it (and they were leather seats). The poor thing never quite worked right again.

    I’m very glad to hear yours wasn’t in similarly horrible shape.

  2. No, it looks remarkably good. The insurance adjustor will come out Monday, so we’ll know more then, of course.

    – M

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