I had this strange dream…

I had this strange dream last night where Kevin and I were actually fighting over quarters for the laundry. I suspect this has more to do with my anxiety about not having enough quarters to get the laundry done than it does with Kevin. I don't miss a lot about Salt Lake, but the washer and dryer in my bedroom alcove, that I do miss. The ones here are just down the hall, one door -- but they devour quarters at an appalling rate.

Going to start the morning with cooking, I think, making stuff for the potluck tomorrow. I can't remember if I told y'all what's going on this week -- Bryan and Elissa and Benjamin, Adam, Alex and Ajna, are all coming into town and staying at my place tonight, and we're all going to go out to the park tomorrow evening with a bunch of my other friends and watch the fireworks. It's the tenth anniversary of when Bryan and Elissa met (Kevin and I set them up), and I think it'll be a lot of fun. I just need to not think about my poor car. There's plenty of house-cleaning and cooking to focus on instead. :-)

The plan for this morning: make tea, water plants, do few dishes, then cook curry to fill buns. While that's cooling, read workshop subs. When the laundry room opens at 8, put in a load. Finish reading subs, hopefullly by 9, send out acceptance and rejection letters for workshop. Change laundry somewhere in there. Walk to store, get groceries. Take bus to home store, get air mattress, two pillows. Swiffer floors if there's time. That's the morning.

Finish all this by 12:30, when I have a fitness assessment appt. at my gym. Come home by 2, and rest, waiting for Adam to arrive. Spend the afternoon cooking, chatting, relaxing. Wait for Bryan and Elissa and Benjamin to arrive. Eat dinner. Goof off some more. Play board games. Wait for Alex and Ajna to arrive (around 10 p.m.). Stay up too late being nostalgic. Maybe cook some more. Help Bryan make pie. Probably get to bed after midnight, and fail to sleep in because the sun coming into my sleeping bag in the living room will wake me.

Sounds perfect.

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  1. I am in Mexico at the moment, Puebla to be precise, working on mathematics. I wanted to add my feelings about your car. I have never had anything more significant than an expensive camera stolen, so I cannot really imagine what it is like, but a friend of mine who is a writer had her car stolen on the way to a poetry reading once, and she lost the only copies she had of many of her poems. It was really depressing. You have my sincere sympathy.

    I know that this is not the proper entry to post this comment to, but the internet connection here for some reason will not let me post a comment to an entry that already has comments. (WEIRD…)

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