I am inexpressibly…

I am inexpressibly cheered up by buying my internal flight from London to Zurich, and being offered the following salutation options from British Air:

  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • Miss
  • Ms
  • Dr
  • Sir
  • Lord
  • Lady
  • Prof
  • Capt
  • Rev
I wonder if people ever just put down the wrong salutation, for the heck of it, or so they can pretend to a life they don't have. A Lady could slum it as simple Ms, and I could be Captain Mary Anne. :-)

2 thoughts on “I am inexpressibly…”

  1. Do they allow multiple options? What if you’ve got doctors of divinity and philosophy, and you’re married to Lord Snooty? Can you get tickets that say “Rev. Dr. Lady Mary Anne Snooty”? And how do you pick the order? Is there some complicated ettiquette rule about how you list titles? I’m always tempted to abuse choices like that.

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