My car was stolen. …

My car was stolen. [sigh]

I have comprehensive insurance, so it's only going to cost me a $500 deductible to have it replaced, but still. My case of CD's. One of my favorite scarves. Hours of stress and walking the hot streets this afternoon looking for it, just in case, then making my sister drive me around those same streets, just in case again. Plus the time on the phone with the police, the insurance company, the Honda people. Plus not having a car tomorrow and Thursday when people are coming into town to stay with me -- not that I planned on using mine then, but still, in case of emergency...

My sister suggested that maybe it had been towed (which it hadn't, as it turns out), which might well have cost me more, but I swear, if I could pay an extra hundred or two just to have it back right now, rather than go through all this hassle, I gladly would, even though I don't really have that money to spare.

It's going to be a while before I finish paying off the credit cards at this rate.

6 thoughts on “My car was stolen. …”

  1. Ugh! Sharon and I had our jeep stolen once and it’s just a horrible feeling. Best of luck getting things straightened out!

  2. naomi_traveller

    it may still come back to you…

    if it was stolen as a getaway car or by kids planning to go for a joyride, it may well turn up in a day or two at a police lot.

    a friend had his minivan stolen, and then recovered again within a very short while.

    hope this all gets resolved quickly. 🙁

  3. … and that’s why I never wash my car.

    I’m sorry to hear about your car, isn’t there some kind of rule about stealing the king’s car?

    (((Mary Anne)))

  4. That was huggs to Mary Anne, not that the post was from Mary Anne, cause that just wouldn’t have made any sense… and I don’t seem to be getting any better this time…

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