Lots of annoying…

Lots of annoying paperwork and running around today, but I think I've done as much of it as I can for now. Tomorrow I'll go by Beth LeClair's office (it's nice to have college friends who are actual grown-ups now) and have her attest (in her standing as a professor, and thus, a respectable elder member of the community) that I am a person of good moral standing, and worthy to have my passport renewed and an emergency passport issued. Then I can Fed Ex the application off to the office in LA, and they'll get it by Monday, and hopefully they'll take no more than a day to process it and then they'll Fed Ex the emergency back, and then I'll take it to Swiss embassy (and the London embassy) and confirm that they'll let me into their lovely countries with it, and then, then if all of that has gone well, I can buy a ticket to Zurich. Fingers crossed. I'm already tired of missing Kevin, dangit.

Fine time getting Roshani settled up in Milwaukee; it's hard to believe she's actually gone. Gone is relative when it's only an hour and a half $20 train trip away. I took the train back this morning and finished reading Jonathan Carroll's Bones of the Moon on the way (quite good, but somehow...I don't know...it went so fast that I never quite sunk as deep into the story as I would have ideally liked?). Good inspiration for my book; had an interesting thought about the ending. Not sure if I'll follow through with it, but it's a dramatic possibility.

I'm on a Carroll kick right now, reading Sleeping in Flame. I'll read for another hour or two, then head off for Thai food with Shannon (possibly others) and finally seeing X2. Tomorrow, writing. Lots and lots of writing.

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