I’m filling out an…

I'm filling out an application to have my Sri Lankan passport renewed, and I'm just bewildered by some of the questions:

Colour of eyes:

  • __ Black
  • __ Blue
  • __ Brown
  • __ Yellow
So, by yellow, do they mean hazel? And I've never seen a Sri Lankan with blue eyes, but I have seen green, which isn't an option...

Colour of hair:

  • __ Black
  • __ Blue
  • __ Grey
Blue? Blue?!

Skin complexion:

  • __ Black
  • __ Dark
  • __ Fair
  • __ White
What is there to say about that one, really?

And of course, they want my height in centimeters. What the heck is 5 ft. in centimeteres? I have a ruler somewhere...

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