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Posted over on Greg's novel dare board, but I'm recopying it here, to clarify -- apologies to those of you who read both:

Well, it's all plotted, so in some sense the hardest work is done -- it's just a matter of getting it down on the page. I write about a thousand words an hour, when I've plotted in advance. So with 10K done and about 50K to do, we're only talking fifty hours, so it's actually more like five hours of writing a day for ten days. But that assumes a) that I don't get exhausted, b) that I don't get stuck, c) that I don't encounter some horrible problems with the book, or get tangled up in intricacies, or whatever. None of which is predictable, really.

I think I'm inclined to just tell her that the rest is still in very rough shape (does an outline count as very rough?) but that I should be able to give her a readable draft within a month, and sooner if possible. Does that sound reasonable?

I'm trying not to actually get excited about her interest, btw, because an agent warned me that while Sharyn gets interested in many books, she buys fairly few of those. But at the least, it's encouraging to know that she didn't think it was horrible. And if I go ahead with this plan, it'll give me plenty of incentive to keep my butt in the chair and write write write for a few weeks. Which can only be good, right?

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