I thought X2 was a lot…

I thought X2 was a lot of fun, though Nightcrawler should be furry. Great job with his character otherwise; very endearing. Minor quibbles here and there, but generally, they're doing a surprisingly good job of making the action character-driven; better than I'd expected from them. Looking forward to X3.

In outside world news, I'm happy that BART is (finally) going to open its extension to SFO this weekend; I'm also happy that Canada has legalized gay marriages. We progress, slowly.

And in my own news, I told Sharyn that I'd get her a draft within a month. So that's 50,000 words to write in 30 days, a little under 2000 words a day. Need to allow for things going somewhat wrong and rewriting of course, so I'm going to aim for 3000 words a day, minimum. Starting today. Which means that I should stop babbling at you and go work.

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  1. I’m being pedantic again, but so far it’s just Ontario. Although, if the prime minister has his way, the rest of Canada won’t be far behind…

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