Okay, now I’m cranky. …

Okay, now I'm cranky. I'm trying to find a bank, and I thought my desires were modest, but apparently not so. All I ask is:

  • no minimum balance
  • no monthly fees
  • at least ten checks per month
  • at least one ATM in downtown Chicago, or no fee for using other ATM's
You wouldn't think this would be difficult to accomplish, but Citibank and Bank of America don't offer such checking accounts, and Wells Fargo, which does, doesn't have any offices (or ATM's) in Chicago. Argh. I'll open an account with B of A if I have to, and maintain the stupid $500 minimum balance to avoid monthly fees, but it bugs me. If anyone knows of any decent alternatives around here, let me know, please.

What's annoying me most is that I don't think B of A is so stingy with their offer in California; I had an account with them there, and I don't remember any monthly fees or minimum balances. Grumble grumble grumble.

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  1. I’ve been seeing ads for some kind of no-fuss
    checking at Bank One, with things like no minimum
    balance, no ATM fees, etc. Might be worth checking

  2. That one looks perfect, Joanna, thanks! I think I’ve seen those ads too, but I couldn’t remember what bank it was…and they have a branch only three blocks away from me!

  3. I’ve had nothing but rotten experiences with BofA in California. They might be better elsewhere, but I wouldn’t take the chance myself…

    Best of luck!

  4. Union! Union! Union!

    Heather, who once belonged to 4 credit unions from 4 states all at the same time. I’m down to just 2, now.

  5. I signed up with Bank One, and I think I’ll be happy with them. I’ve had credit unions before, and frankly, I’ve found the services frustratingly limited — for just one example, my last one couldn’t cash a British check for me. Pathetic.

  6. in defense of credit unions generally, not to change your mind, Mary Anne: services vary widely from credit union to credit union; some are not much more than a place to put savings; others are comparable with full service banks. I’m a member of the Harvard University Employees Credit Union, and they were years late to the debit card game, but they did get there eventually. Other credit unions I belonged to at the same time had debit cards and charge cards. Since CUs are almost all local enterprises, I’m not surprised that they fall short on international banking services when compared to the multinational banks. I just don’t want anyone thinking that if one (or several) credit union couldn’t cash a British check a few years ago that none of them do now.

    Heather, big fan but admittedly with few non-US$ banking needs

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