Hey, so I just talked to…

Hey, so I just talked to Christophe, and I've managed to talk him into changing the theme of the Blowfish anthology I'll be doing for him. So here's a heads-up to all the erotica writers reading this; I'll be sending a call out within the week for this anthology, and we'll be paying somewhere around 3-5 cents/word (depending on the length of the anthology -- if we go with 60K, we'll pay 5 cents, but if we go with 100K, we'll pay 3 cents, and the fact that we're waffling now means that it'll probably end up 80K and 4 cents). And the theme is -- blowjobs! 'Cause, you know, it's Blowfish's tenth anniversary celebration, and the reference is just too cute. :-)

Now, I use the term 'blowjob' very loosely -- any oral sex counts. Girl on girl, girl on boy, boy on girl, boy on boy, transgender on whatever, etc. and so on. And you're welcome to put other sex acts in your story too, of course. All that's required is that there be at least one blow job -- and in fact, not even that. There just has to be at least one possibility of a blowjob -- discussion of one counts, even some detailed thoughts about one count. We're looking for good, hot stories -- you know the drill by now. I like complex characters with real emotions who find themselves in difficult situations with problems that require attempts at resolution. I want to be able to empathize with them, to get drawn into their passionate desires and their frustrating difficulties. A formal call will go out shortly with more details, but go ahead, start brainstorming now.

And oh, if anyone wants to help me come up with a title for the anthology, it'd be much appreciated. We probably shouldn't actually use the word 'blowjob' in the title or the cover copy, just for distribution concerns, though we can discuss oral sex on the back cover, I think, and certainly in the introduction. The best I've managed so far is The Best of Blowfish: Celebrating Ten Years of Great Sex (their slogan on their website is "Good products for Great Sex"). Any other thoughts?

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  1. I’m so glad you got him to change the theme, MA!

    I like Nalo’s idea for the title. The only one I can come up with is:

    “Blowing Kisses: A Blowfish Anthology”

    or something like that!

  2. “BLOW YOUR WAD with the Best of Blowfish”
    “TONGUE-TRIED: The Best of Blowfish”
    “CUM WITH US: The Best of Blowfish”

    I should stop now… I spent too long writing that Dirty English book.

  3. Nalo sent me another one: Blowing Your Mind: Ten Years of Blowfish. I think I’ll let Christophe decide…

  4. If you’re entertaining titles like “Ten Years of Blowfish,” “Blowfish Anthology,” etc., that means you’re limited to things that have already been distributed by Blowfish, yes?

    “Possibly Unclear on the Concept” Dan

  5. Well, perhaps not for this one.. but I did just have the following title come to mind:

    Aural Sex

    Which might/might not be the same as oral sex… but sounds like a good title for an anthology (and/or a cd…)

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