I woke up way too early,…

I woke up way too early, for no good reason. I used to be able to sleep through anything -- now, despite the curtains over the bedroom window, even the hint of first light seems to wake me up. I start slow; I just finished watching an episode of Voyager I hadn't seen before. It was all full of looking to the future and similar inspirational messages. There are worse ways to start your day than with Star Trek.

I didn't get everything done yesterday that I meant to -- the packing at Roshani's took longer (and was less productive) than I'd expected, and Mirna ended up coming by to pick up some things and so we went out for dinner at Artopolis. It was really nice, actually -- I don't know my middle sister all that well; it often used to feel like we didn't have much to talk about. Now, seeing each other more often and being more aware of each other's lives, we don't seem to be having any trouble making conversation. It probably helps that she doesn't know anyone else here yet. :-) Soon she'll have an insanely busy job and lots of hip friends to go to bars with, and she won't have much time for her stodgy big sister who spends her evenings eating leftover curry and watching Star Trek. That's okay, though. I'm sure we'll still see each other a lot more than we have in the past. It's nice.

This morning, I need to power through some work before 10; I promised Roshani that I'd go up to Milwaukee with her and spend the night, help her get settled into her new place. She's all mopey because she's leaving her family behind -- Tom's still working in Chicago, so they'll have a long-distance marriage during the week, for a while, at least. We'll see how this goes for them. It's going to be hard; Zoe's not even three yet, and Roshani is already missing her terribly. But on the other hand, I hear the intern year of medicine is the hardest one of all, and maybe it won't be so bad to come home at strange hours and just be able to go to sleep, without needing to interact with anyone. I hope so, anyway. Poor chica.

Be back tomorrow sometime. I'll take the laptop with me and try to get a chunk of writing done. In the evening, I think I'm meeting some people to go see X2 -- I'm not quite sure, since people who expressed interest never actually confirmed. Ah well -- if no one can make it and I end up going alone, I'll still have fun. It's been a long time since I was too socially insecure to go to movies by myself. Hooray for growing older, eh?

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  1. Stodgy Mary Anne????? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..wheese…gasp….giggle….heeheehee…sigh, ahhhhh, now that’s funny.

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