Good morning, munchkins….

Good morning, munchkins. No real work yet today (Jed kept me up talking 'til 2 last night), but big plans for getting work done. I'm all about the big plans, I am. A little breakfast, and then a bunch of e-mails. I have to send out some semi-rejections this morning, telling some authors that I won't be using their proposals with Penguin, which is never any fun. But must be done, and no good just keeping them in suspense -- that doesn't help anyone. After that, send out SH revised contract letters to my authors, so that when Steve's revised contract with us arrives, I can sign it with a clear conscience. Go open a bank account in Chicago; I finally closed the one in Salt Lake. Possibly drop off some stuff for my sister. And at some point, pick up my birth certificate, which my father sent me, so that I can get my passport renewed, hopefully in time to go to Zurich and visit Kev for a week. That would be very nice. A good set of morning projects.

This afternoon, I'm going to go help Roshani pack books -- she moves up to Milwaukee tomorrow to start her new job. Sadness. We may go see a movie when we're done. And then tonight, come back and work some more, maybe even write a little. We'll see.

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  1. You don’t need your birth certificate to get your passport renewed. The old expired passport is enough. I have done it that way two or three times. It is much easier than the first time around.

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