Well, my apartment is…

Well, my apartment is getting clean, anyway.

Roshani and I went on a plant-buying expedition this afternoon (she met me after I dropped Kevin off at the airport). I got a brazilian jew (a variation on the wandering jew?), which feels very nice to the touch, and a whole mess of herbs; we'll see if they survive. I have high hopes for the mint, at least.

Mostly not able to motivate to do much of anything today. Mope mope. Fell asleep for an hour or so around dinnertime; woke up groggy. Finally figured out that I could take the computer in front of the tv -- Simpsons in the background definitely helped. The most urgent stuff is taken care of; I think the slightly less urgent can wait 'til tomorrow morning. Less than ninety messages piled up in e-mail now; we'll try to knock that down to eighty tomorrow.

Sent three chapters and synopsis off to Sharyn this afternoon; next, I think I'm going to take a quick shot at knocking off another three chapters and synopsis for Tor's paranormal romance line. I had an idea; seems worth spending a few days to take a shot at it. Then next week, back to the dissertation, I think.

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