How much of a Geek are…

How much of a Geek are you? (Long, but fun to take. If you're a geek, that is.) I come out as 43.3925% - Major Geek -- I think I would have been a lot higher if a) I dressed like a geek (a section I pretty much completely failed), or b) I actually enjoyed puttering with math/science stuff more. I did pretty well on all the fan geek sections. What that test needs is more lit geek stuff. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “How much of a Geek are…”

  1. 30.17751% – Total Geek. A lot less geeky now that I no longer work for a game company and now work as a librarian in a law firm. Not much about game consoles, and it’s missing a few TV shows…..

  2. Thank god there’s someone less geeky than me! 🙂

    Actually, Karina told me last night that she only got like 15%. She’s practically normal. It’s the long blonde hair, I think — really counts against her…

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