In other news, my cell…

In other news, my cell phone died a few weeks ago (or rather, it started the process of dying -- it learned a neat trick, where I would call someone, or they would call me, and then I could usually hear them say hello but couldn't then hear anything else. While they could hear everything I said. Annoying!), and I picked up a new phone yesterday. I'm excited about the new plan I signed up for, actually -- it has PCS to PCS calling free, so none of my calls to Kevin or Roshani or Mirna or Jed (on their cells) cost me any minutes. (They don't cost Roshani any minutes either, since she has that plan too.) Nice bonus, and didn't cost me any extra. The main point of this note is not actually to rave about my plan, or even my phone (which has a little fish screensaver, in color, how goofy and charming), but to tell y'all that I have a new cell phone number too, in Chicago, finally. So that if you had my old cell phone number a) don't bother using it anymore, it's dead, and b) you should e-mail me and ask for the new one. That's it, really.

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