I didn’t actually say…

I didn't actually say good morning yet, did I, despite posting thrice already today? Good morning, munchkins. Hope you're all having a good Thursday so far.

I woke up a fair bit earlier than I wanted to, so I'm feeling kind of groggy, but it did let me get through some e-mail and prepare for my phone meeting with Duncan (which will happen as soon as he calls me back). We're going to discuss the six CYO adventure proposals I have in front of me, to discuss which two we'll send on first to Penguin. Difficult choice -- they're all good! I love knowing competent, experienced and interesting writers, who can turn out a good book proposal on extremely short notice. For this one, we pretty much just contacted experienced erotica writers whom I've enjoyed reading and working with in the past; a few weren't available, but most responded splendidly. It's going to be hard turning any of these proposals down -- but with any luck, Penguin will buy the next two books, and they'll sell well, and then they'll want two more, etc. and so on...

Mirna and Sharmi are actually off this morning, being taped on Oprah (which records ten blocks from my apartment) -- how cool is that? My cousin Nimmi has a friend who works at Harpo Studios and who got them tickets. They'll be on national tv! Pretty darn cool.

Okay, Duncan just called me back and rescheduled for 2 today; he's harried. No problem...but now I have no excuse not to write fiction. Except that I'm tired. Which is not a real excuse. Maybe I'll eat a little breakfast and watch twenty-two minutes of a recorded sitcom (about how long it is without commercials), and then sit my butt down in the chair and write some fiction. That's a plan, right?

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