I’m too lazy to try to…

I'm too lazy to try to remember M'ris's e-mail, and I don't have her aliased, so I'll just post the note here -- M'ris, if you do make it back to the Minneapolis area, and it sounds like you're going to, I'd be happy to introduce you to Pamela. She's a sweetie, and although shy, quite friendly and approachable. Had a great talk with her about poly stuff at Gaiman's Guy Fawkes party; it was so nice talking to someone a decade or two (no idea how old she actually is) further along with this stuff, and so relaxed about it -- positively placid, in fact. I think you'd like her.

As for me, just finished the Sharpe. Not entirely sure I agree with her on Scott -- I think what actually happens with that novel's inscription of rape/race/imperialism is a little more nuanced, more mobile, than she paints it. But generally v. good book, clear and persuasive.

Can't face reviewing notes yet. Will read the Cheng Dubliners stuff instead.

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